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checkCIF reports on the consistency and integrity of crystal structure determinations reported in CIF format.

The following information is organized in question-and-answer format. You can read through the questions in order, or click on any of the questions to jump directly to the answer. When you're ready to run a report, go to the checkCIF home page.

If you have any queries about the checkCIF/PLATON tests that are not answered below, please contact

How do I find details of a particular test?

Each test for which there is an alert is hyperlinked from the report page. Just follow the hyperlink to find out more details of the test. A full list of checkCIF/PLATON tests is also available.

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What do I need to do about alerts?

The alerts should be seen as advisory, but you should always attempt to resolve as many as possible of the alerts in all categories. Often the minor alerts point to easily fixed oversights, errors and omissions in your CIF or refinement strategy, so attention to these fine details can be worthwhile.

Special instructions on how to respond to the alerts are available for the authors of the IUCr journals Acta Crystallographica Sections C and E.

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What if the report includes incorrect alerts?

Please note that the checking programs are constantly being updated. It is possible that some of the alerts will not be relevant to your particular study (e.g. high-pressure studies, powder data, incommensurate structures etc). We would appreciate feedback if checkCIF/PLATON gives a large number of incorrect alerts for your CIF. Please also contact us if you would be interested in volunteering to help develop the checkCIF/PLATON service. If you have any further queries about the checkCIF/PLATON tests or submission procedures, please contact .

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Where do I find out more information about CIF?

Definitions of the data items used in a CIF can be found in the CIF dictionary. General information on CIF can be found by visiting the CIF home page.

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